Our story

Village Saffron is one of the credible and reliable suppliers in Iran and following years of experience in providing pure Iranian food products, we have taken on exporting. We seek creating long-term relations with our customers across the world. In doing so, we pursue our goals in accordance with the international conventions. Honesty and clarity are two inseparable elements of our business system. Since the beginning, we took a vow to retain, respect and enhance the customers’ satisfaction in business. It is an honor to have the passionate help of our customers and all those with similar goals in order to create a better world. Here, we have tried to share an overview about us and our company. We started our business with saffron and we intend to add other original Iranian food products such as jujube, rock candy, rose water, pistachio, and barberry to our products list. Two of our most important parameters are high quality and very competitive prices in an international scope. We believe that through constant improvement in the quality of products and setting reasonable prices, we are able to enhance the customers’ satisfaction. Feel free to contact our experts in case of any question.

Why Village Saffron?

  • Competitive price
  • High Quality Products
  • Accountability
  • Variety of Products
  • Tension-free Shopping
  • Having a good number of buyers in Iran
  • Following the international conventions

Village Saffron’s Goals

Facilitate the purchase of Iranian food products (Saffron) for foreign customers.

Our mission

Our Products

  • Saffron
  • Pistachio
  • Barberry
  •  Jujube
  • Rose Water
  • Rock Candy

Our Services

Door-to-door delivery with the required permissions and the least price


Grade one Sargol saffron for export

$1200 to $1500 per kilogram, negotiable