Saffron Benefits for Skin and Beauty

saffron benefits for skin and beauty

Saffron Benefits for Beauty

Saffron benefits root deeply in the components which are responsible for the saffron coloring. Have you ever heard about crocin and crocetin? Yes, they are the two main elements of saffron which produce that red crimson color. It’s worth to know that they do more, what? They are the celebrities in the beauty and skin care industry because these two chemicals have numerous benefits for all skin types. Scientists found that crocin is an antibacterial component, therefore you can understand why the Persians used saffron in their traditional treatments. They took advantage of saffron benefits to lighten skin tone, fight the dark circles below eyes in addition to removing acnes and dark spots.

saffron benefits for skin and beauty


Saffron Has Vitamins

Saffron Benefits are due to Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin, Vitamin B3 – Niacin, and Vitamin C that saffron has. In addition to all mentioned, saffron contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Selenium, Folic Acid, Zinc, Carotenoids and Crocin which bring health benefits of saffron to your hair, skin and body.

saffron has vitamin c

Vitamin C Vs. Turmeric

On top of that, it has lightening, skin-tightening features too and to make it even hotter, crocin has antioxidant manganese and vitamin C and that’s where the fun begins, why? Because Vitamin C is a critical player in theater of producing collagen and therefor rejuvenate those deep and new-born wrinkles of yours. Vitamin C has another role yet to play and that’s supplementing the enzymatic functions of cells. Sounds familiar? Does it remind you of turmeric?  Why not buy the same turmeric skin scrub? OK, let us reveal the secret then! Turmeric has some similar functions to saffron but if that’s what you put on your face like a routine, beware that turmeric can be staining. Yes, you read it right! But not saffron, it’s stain-free and you can use it frequently with no worries.


Saffron Benefits for Dry Skin

In a clinical test, scientists found out that saffron promotes skin complexion and also has an antipruritic effect which makes it much more effective than a placebo. In a similar examination, a moisturizing cream with a formulation of 3% saffron extract was applied to skin for 2 months. They evaluate the skin improvement weekly and then compared the results with a saffron-free cream. Significantly, saffron benefits for trans-epidermal water loss and hydrated skin all stood up.

saffron is good for dry skin

Saffron active components absorb moisture and enhance the skins capacity and therefore make it a perfect choice as a home remedy for dry skin. Additionally, nourishes dry skin and reduces itchiness through improving blood circulation which consequently leads to better skin texture. Since saffron boosts blood circulation, it activates cell regeneration and also keeps the skin hydrated. That is why you see that saffron is one of the main ingredients in moisturizing creams.

How to Use Saffron for Dry Skin

You can enjoy saffron benefits in favor of hydrating your skin by making home-made masks, a few of which are suggested here. A mixture of lemon juice with just a few saffron threads will refresh your skin significantly. The lemon juice cleanses deep in your skin and saffron hydrates it, therefor your skin will look bright and fresh.

skin hyderation with saffron

Benefits of saffron for dry skin can be enhanced by adding lemon juice or 1 tbsp honey. First put on this mask and let it rest for 15 minutes plus gentle circular massage motions to help the absorption. The lemon cleans deep layers of skin and honey enhances saffron benefits in hydrating skin. Another recommended moisturizer mask is a mixture of saffron and a few drops of milk. Rest it for 20 minutes on your skin and then wash off with warm water. You can massage the mask on your face gently.


Saffron Benefits for Radiant Skin

Fall and winter are two of the invisible enemies of a healthy, hydrated, bright and well-nourished skin and saffron comes to the rescue with its Crocin and Crocetin. These two elements have antioxidant feature which prevent many common diseases by taming free radicals. According to a study, creams which contain saffron extract can reduce the levels of melanin and erythema in human skin and therefor lighten it and restore the glow.

use saffron for skin glow

How to Use Saffron for Radiant Skin

Your skin is exposed to daily harmful chemicals, unfavorable weather, pollution and much worse. You can brighten your skin up by using saffron threads or a mixture of saffron and virgin coconut oil or olive oil and a bit of raw milk. Scrub the solution on your skin to desquamate dead skin cells and enhance the blood circulation in the underneath layers. Doing so, you will restore your skin glow, softness and radiance. In addition to that, applying a mixture of a 2-3 threads of saffron, 1 tsp od sandalwood and 2 spoons of milk for a week will restore the natural glow of skin.

skin glow with saffronAdditionally, saffron extract alone makes a noticeable difference to the skin radiance.  For that, soak a few threads of saffron in 1-2 tsp hot water and then apply it on your skin. Let it rest there for at least half an hour and then wash off. You can also cover your skin with a mixture of half tsp honey and saffron extract. Wash off this cleansing mask after 15 minutes without any soap. This mask improves blood circulation in your skin and therefor helps for glowing skin, lightening skin, hydrating skin, and skin softening.


treat inflammation with saffron

Saffron Benefits for Inflammation

Saffron benefits root from the crocin and crocetin, the two carotenoid pigments in saffron which create the red color. These two have many benefits including skin care, preserving brain cells from progressive damage, weight loss, improving inflammation, reducing appetite and many more.

In a study by the University of Manchester, the researchers showed that Egyptians used saffron benefits to treat inflammation. The saffron benefits for anti-inflammation comes from the antioxidants in saffron which make it a potent treatment for pimples, acne, inflammation, sun tan, dark circle under eyes and more. The anti-inflammation benefits of saffron can protect skin from redness, rashes, swelling and irritation.

skin lightening with kesar

Saffron Benefits for Skin Lightening

Saffron benefits for skin lightening are because of Saffron’s tyrosinase inhibitory activity which finally controls the production rate of melanin – responsible for skin color. A study by Fehrat (2004) proved the previous claim by studying the application of saffron through ethanol in cosmetics and sun protection formulation. The A, C and B vitamins in saffron have skin lightening properties. In addition to that, these vitamins are great for treating the dark spots and circles and therefor a light skin tone.

The potassium in saffron threads enhances the cell repair in damaged skin cells so that they can rejuvenate the skin. The vitamins and anti-oxidants in saffron boost blood circulation under skin which not only restores its natural glow but also improves the skin texture to get rid of dull skin. Saffron is also rich in manganese and helps regulating blood sugar – high blood sugar makes the skin look dim.

saffron benefits for Skin lightening

How to Use Saffron for Skin Lightening

Saffron has been widely used in skin lightening and nourishing products because saffron benefits for a healthy skin complexion are no mysteries any more. If you want to use saffron for skin lightening and whitening, one way is soak 2-3 threads of saffron in a 2-3 tsp of milk and apply the mixture on your face and neck. Let it rest for almost 5 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Another way is moisturizer drinking milk with a few strands of saffron in it daily. In addition to that, you can use a facial mask made of a mixture of 5 saffron threads, 5 tsp milk plus a tsp lemon juice.

One way to enjoy the saffron benefits to fight against the dark circles under your eyes is soaking 2-3 saffron in 2tsp water overnight. The next morning, you need to mix it with a little water and apply it on the dark circles or spots for 15-20 minutes. After all wash it with plain water and repeat every day to see the change.

lightening skin with saffron

Another way to get rid of the dark spots is soaking 4-5 almonds and 10 saffron threads in some water. Make a smooth paste out of it the next morning and apply on your skin for 15 minutes. The next skin lightening home-made mask is a mixture of over-night soaked saffron threads, 1 tsp milk, a pinch of sugar, and 3-4 drops of olive oil. Massage the mask gently for 15 minutes to increase the blood circulation under your skin and nourish it. Another one is a mask of a few over-night soaked sunflower seeds and 2-3 saffron threads. Regular use of any of the above methods reveals the true saffron benefits for skin lightening, decreasing pigmentation, dark circles and spots and more.


Saffron Benefits for Skin Tonesaffron has skin toning features

A skin toner is used after cleaning to help toning the skin so that it looks refreshed and glowing. Saffron benefits for skin beauty are because of the nourishing features that crocin and crocetin contain. You can make a home-made toner by soaking a few saffron strands in rose water which is rejuvenating and fragrant. Regular use of this mask also imparts the glow of youth to your face.

Additionally, you can add some saffron strands to your bath water and relax in it. It all helps in keeping your skin young, tight and toned. As a toner, saffron fights blackheads and clogged pores and finds free radicals to promote better circulation to the face. In doing so, saffron keeps the skin firm and toned with a natural glow and free of dark spots.

tan removal with saffron

Saffron Benefits for Sun Burn and Tan

It happens a lot to us that we want to get rid of our sunburn and sun tan after a while and it seems to take a long time. Well, here’s a help suggestion, saffron. You’ll need no more ingredients or any special or technical method to do so. Just soak some saffron threads overnight in a few drops of water and apply on the area the next morning. It’s not only effective for tan removing but it also gives your skin a fine glowing texture. Studies show that saffron – as an anti-solar agent – can absorb the UV rays which are harmful for skin and therefor protects the skin from sun ray’s damage.

sunburn removal with saffronHow to Use Saffron for Tan and Sun Burn Removal

To remove your sunburn, soak a few saffron threads in a little hot water for almost an hour and then mix it with some fresh cream. Remember to use this mixture after cleaning your face and leave it on your skin through the night. In case you have an oily skin type, switch the cream with honey.

Saffron benefits for skin lightening and soothing make it one of the best natural tools to remove unwanted tan and sun burn. Regular use of soaked saffron in milk, brightens up the area gradually and balances skin tone. You can also add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the milk and saffron mixture to boost the process of tan removal.

Improve skin texture with saffron

Saffron Benefits for Skin Texture

The anti-oxidant benefits of saffron act like a defense shield against premature skin aging and as a result keep the skin firm, youthful and toned. Saffron, Kesar in Indian, treats blemishes, acnes, dark spots and circles, blackheads, pigmentation, sun burn and tan, dull and dry skin, aging and more which are threats to beauty. Carotenoids have some bioactive properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and autophagy-modulatory activities which are skin preservatives. That’s why beauty creams which contain saffron as an ingredient are better moisturizers and so popular.

skin youth with saffron

How to Use Saffron for Skin Firming

In home-made remedies for skin beauty, saffron and rose water have been two great complement for a long time. Here is a popular receipt to tighten up your loose skin; a few saffron threads soaked in rose water. You need to dab this mixture on your skin with a cotton ball if you need. Let it rest for 15 minutes and then wash with plain water. Another favorite home-made treatment is a mixture of 2-3 tsp honey with 4-5 saffron strands. Apply all over your face and neck and let it sleep for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

smooth and soft skin with saffron

How to Use Saffron for Smooth Skin 

To smoothen up your skin, wash your face and then get ready to make the soothing mask for your face and neck, even hands. Take a few strands of saffron and mix them with 1tsp sandalwood powder plus 2tsp milk. remember to crush the saffron threads at first. Let the mask rest on your skin for about 20 minutes and then wash off without soap. To boost the effect, massage the mask on the area while wet to improve the blood circulation and as a result rejuvenation process. To get a glowing and smooth skin, try this mask at least once a week. On top of this, you can add a mask of saffron, olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to your routine for a soft and light skin.

Another recommended treatment is a saffron pack which contains a few saffron threads in a 1/2 cup of boiling water plus 4tsp powder milk. Together, they make a healing paste with which you can enjoy having a smooth skin by 10-15 minutes a day, 2 times a week. The bleaching properties of saffron will result in smooth, shiny and fair skin. You can enjoy the benefits of any of the mentioned mixture in the shape of mask or by adding to milk.

Saffron Benefits for Wounds, Scars and Biting

As long as the history of saffron goes back, warriors used the extract of saffron to heal their many wounds. Saffron components improve the skin cells ability to rebuild themselves which is significant in case of burn marks and cuts. The healing properties of saffron enhance the healing speed in wounds and removing scars and dark spots. Regular use of saffron extract alone or mixed with some other enhancers such as milk, rose water, powder milk, almond oil, virgin olive or coconut oil and Vitamin C results in a great change of skin health and beauty. Using any of the above will speed up the healing and skin lightening processes. In addition to all mentioned, some people use saffron to relieve insects biting which is not entirely research-based.

scars and wounds removal with saffron


As a plant natural to Asia, saffron has always been a precious spice, remedy, fragrance, spice, and more. The antibacterial properties f saffron make it a perfect ingredient to make home remedies for skin conditions, hair problems, digestion discomfort, and more. Eating or applying saffron on any area of your body can prove all the benefits it holds for health and beauty. We suggest you to read the other articles to get to know this priceless plant more. Please feel free to reach out the sales department to put your order or ask for more information.


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